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The castle was held by rebel troops in the service of Desmond and some Catholic troops from continental Europe.

The demi-cannon could be effective against stone, but only if allowed to fire unhindered - in the event no hindrance was given.

discharging waste waters into these areas, as well as those agglomerations which are situated in their relevant catchment areas, have not been made subject to the collection and treatment obligations foreseen in the directive for sensitive areas by the 31 December 1998 deadline.d' Irlanda nord orientale (escluso il Solway Firth), le acque reflue degli agglomerati con oltre 10 000 a. che le scaricano in tali aree, nonché quegli agglomerati situati nei loro rispettivi bacini di raccolta, non sono oggetto degli obblighi di raccolta e trattamento previsti dalla direttiva per le aree sensibili entro il 31 dicembre 1998.

In the digestion plant will be demolished almost the entire volatile portion (90 - 95%) of dry matter input: it follows a daily production of approximately 11.600 Nm3 gas and a output of digested mass of the plant about 43,2 t/day, that is sent to mechanical separation, after which the remaining liquid fraction is partly recycled in the digesters (10 t/day), partly released Nell’impianto di digestione verrà abbattuta la quasi totalità della parte volatile (90 – 95 %) della sostanza secca in ingresso: ne deriva una produzione giornaliera di gas pari a circa 11.600 Nm3 (normal metri cubi) ed una massa di digestato in uscita dall’impianto pari a 43,2 t/giorno, che viene avviato alla separazione meccanica, dopo la quale, la frazione liquida residua viene in parte ricircolata nei digestori (10 t/giorno), in parte scaricata nella vasca di At the end of a banquet, after having feasted on meat and drunk wine diluted with water (to drink it neat was a profanity and particularly devastating due to the alcohol content of the wine in that era) the last drops remaining in the kilikes (shallow, twohandled containers) or in the kottabides (special cups for this game) were used to try one’s luck in this parlour game, which has often been immortalised on kraters (the containers placed at the centre of the triclinium in which wine was mixed with water, spices and grated cheese).

The survivors fled through the shallow waters, but most were shot or put to the sword; the rest (including one woman) were brought back to camp and hanged from trees. The strategic significance of the siege is shown in the swiftness with which other Desmond strongholds fell once news of the destruction had spread.

The castle at Askeaton was abandoned before the guns (its Spanish defenders blowing up the walls), and the garrisons at Newcastle West, Balliloghan, Rathkeale and Ballyduff slipped away soon after.

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