Aba versus teacch the case for defining and validating

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• ABA is not a single or one size fits all program. Instead, ABA is individualized and comprehensive to address teaching all skills that are important for everyday life.

When investigating providers or centers, we strongly encourage you to see if they have a Board Certified Behavior Analyst on staff.

So make sure you find out about all of their experience with children like yours.

ABA as a therapeutic approach can be more focused on specific skills and can be conducted across shorter periods of time as well across the person’s lifetime (e.g., a teenager who needs to be desensitized to going to the dentist).

ABA providers and centers are multiplying across the state.

In some areas of Indiana, the options are fewer or harder to access.

While a variety of factors impact caseload size, BACB Guidelines note that oversight of 6-12 clients is the average, with a higher range possible based on circumstances (see page 31 of For example, some psychologists have received a lot of training in ABA but do not have a BCBA credential.

Other psychologists have received a smaller amount of related training, but they do not have the precise training required for ABA. Also, realize that any credential only shows that the professional has passed a test and has met a minimum standard of supervised practical training.

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