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In 2001, MALABU was again confirmed by Mr Obasanjo as the owner of parcel 245.

a machete), so it is not a truly unaided survival, but it is very close. The hazards ranged from biting insects or wild boar to days of rain or shark-infested waters. As you watch the show, it is impossible not to project yourself into the situation. In the early hours of each adventure, the smart survivalist benefits from a healthy dose of fear.

Alu Mohammed was chairman of Bulkship Nigeria limited and chairman of the Nigerian Shippers' Alliance. Mr Wakili Adamu had for a while been chairman of the Chamber of Commerce.

Towards the end of 1998 there was a reorganization of the shareholders but I still think that Alu Mohammed was the majority shareholder at the end of 1998.

It would hardly be appropriate for me as a consultant to TSKJ to be involved in litigation of a 'political' nature.

Between 19 it appeared that Chief ETETE was the owner of the whole of MALABU.

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