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I’m a dating coach for smart, strong, successful women.I’m going to spend the rest of this blog post talking candidly about age. The majority of women who read this blog are 25-35. This is the prime dating age for those who are considering marriage and children.However, 25-35-year-old women are not my most common clients.That distinction falls into two separate buckets: Women 35-45 who want to get married. In fact, I probably have 10X more 50-year-old women than 30-year-old women. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that the 30-year-old who really wants to get it right would hire a dating coach who specializes in helping women find lasting love?

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Most people search with arbitrary round numbers:40-50, 45-55 and so on – as if there’s something magic about ten-year age ranges or five-year increments. Once they reach 35, women actually respond more often to younger guys. However, I'm 26 but I don't think I could date a 19 year old girl.I prefer someone who's also out working, independent, and making a career. 18-21 year-olds usually aren't in that stage of life. I always feel like the only reason there are huge age gaps between relationships is because the 26 year old guy can't get with any girls of his age.But because men are usually the conversation starters, the older-man-younger-woman paradigm prevails.”This is what I teach my clients.Not to go full-on cougar but to initiate contact with age-appropriate men in a fun, confident fashion.

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